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About the Autor

I am Vincent Adorian. I’m French and 32 years old.

I like to follow online marketing trends as well as startups in order to get a vision about the future of new technologies and marketing.


I have a dual master’s degree in computer sciences and management.

I worked 5 years in computer sciences – 2,5 years as a project manager – on banking projects in Paris.

I moved then to Boston, to work as a healthcare quality engineer for 1 year. During this time, I started to plan a shift in my career to work in marketing.

Purpose of this blog

My hopes for this blog is that it will motivate people and inspire them to follow their dreams even if it means learning everything again as a self-taught in order to make a career shift like I did to work in marketing. This blog is the journey towards this goal.

Marketing Profile

Since  the creation of this blog, I have now 5 years of experience in marketing. I’m currently working as a head of online marketing at HelloFresh in Berlin with a focus on user acquisition.


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