Career move : The importance of reflection and self-appraisal

Lately, I have been writing more and more articles specific to online marketing. This was mainly due to the fact that I was daily embedded in my work and it was a way to stay up to date with all the changes related to search engine marketing.

Tomorrow will be a special day as I will start a new challenge in the world of mobile marketing for a new company. I’m taking the chance to write an article this month more oriented about reflection and self-appraisal : steps that should conclude every important moves or before any switch in your career.

To be honest, this exercise should be done by each of us at least once in a while. And it doesn’t have to happen only during a career move. You could do it anytime. It will help you to check if your are aligned with your goals (read my previous article: how to define your goals) and therefore with your growth and happiness.

You will find below 3 important steps that can help you in this journey.


Taking a step back

For a moment forget the objectives of the company your are working for, forget the goals that your boss has given to you and forget your colleagues advises. Focus about you, your personal development and your career, ask yourself questions like :

  • Are you enjoying your daily tasks?
  • Are you in a position where you feel useful?
  • Can you keep on learning from your environment?
  • Are you able to innovate?
  • Are you passionate at work?

Those type of questions will help to make the foundation of your reflection.

Making a self-appraisal

Take a look back at your own career objectives and make a list of assessment about what you can do. Analyze what you are good at and find out what you are not good at (or what could be improved). Check if you are setting limits to yourself and work on those limits. To sum-up evaluate :

  • What went well
  • What didn’t go as expected
  • Think about what could have been  done better
  • What limits you need to overpass

One advice: find one of your colleague that you admire and see what he does or knows that would make you better at your own work and act towards it. Don’t be scared to learn from other people.

Defining your new road

Defining a new road is like defining a strategy; You will have to start with macro objectives and finish with micro ones. You will also need to prioritize what is the most important for you and create your own road to success.

Note that you don’t have to chose between all your objectives and exclude some. You can just sort them and focus at them one by one. It is just like books, it is normal to read one book at the time.


To finish, I would like to highlight that growing at work and in your career will often mean going outside of your comfort zone. Reflection will prepare yourself for the jump.


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