How to automate the management of SEM campaigns

In this article, I will share 4 different ways to automatize the management of SEM campaigns – as well as useful links to some external references.

  1. Automated rules
  2. Scripts
  3. VBA
  4. API


1 – Automated rules

Automated rules can be set up inside of adwords. It allows non-programmers to use the interface withing adwords and create functions that will automatically be act on different aspects of your campaigns for you.

  • You have to chose what action need to be executed.
  • You can add some filters to specify which range of data should be managed
  • Set limits to your automated rules. e.g. a maximum bid that you want to reach.
  • Define a frequency on which you would like to run your rule.

Some links to useful automated rules :

2 – Scripts

Unlike automated rules, scripts are designed for programmer-profiles. You can code in javascript functions that can execute any tasks you can code. For example you can save daily in an external document the performances or your campaigns and so on.

Some authors have share scripts they have created. It definitely worth having a look:

3 – VBA

Marketers familiar with excel and coding in VBA might want to create macros in order to extract and analyze data in an automated way.

Tools can also be build to in order to manage campaign creation easily. With Adwords editor, you can then upload many changes at once.

4 – API

Adwords come with an API. Often small companies will not have enough resources to develop tools that can use the API. On the other hands, ignoring that an API exist for medium and big companies would be a loss as you can directly create a tool and user interface that correspond exactly to your needs.



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