How to create the best Ad copies in Adword?

Creating the best ad copies in Adwords is taking into account many factors. In this article, I will focus on four.

  1. Quality score
  2. Your goal
  3. Your Competitors
  4. Optimization efforts

SEM adcopy

1 – Quality score

The quality score has a direct impact on the cost of your ads, therefore knowing how a quality score is calculated will help you to decide which parameters you should prioritize when you write ad copies.

The formula of  the quality score is the following

QS = 1 + Landing Page Experience weight + Ad Relevance weight + CTR weight

SEM Quality score

source :

Base on this formula, it is more effective to write ads copies that will improve your CTR rather than trying to get an above average ad relevance.


2 – Your goal

Do not forget what is the goal of your campaigns and let the visitores know what to expect when they click on your ads.

Is it smart to attract lot of visitors with really catchy ad copies if in the end visitors don’t convert because you can not offer to them what you proposed? The answer is in the question, it will just result in a high number of clicks and high ad spends for nothing.

Try to be as transparent as possible in your ads : “Sign-up and get 25% off”


3 – Your competitors

It is important to differentiate yourself than your competitors. Let the user know why they should chose you rather than your competitors. Adding USP (unique selling point) in your ad copies is a great way to attract visitors.

Your should test which one of your selling points is attracting the most visitors.

You can also ask to your costumers what was the reason they chose your rather than your competitors and advertise it.


4 – Optimization efforts

When you will create ad copies, it is important that you think about test and optimization.

You should define a testing strategy to determine which ad copies are working the best, you should pick the Ad rotation that fit the most your strategy and your optimization competences.

if you want to learn more about ad rotation is recomand that you read this article :



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