How to structure Adwords Accounts?

How to structure your online campaigns (focus on SEA) in Adwords?

From one company to another, MCC structures are often really similar. There is a first subdivision by country and then a subdivision by channel. Is there a reason for not subdividing accounts the other way around? Not as far as I know.

In your subdivision, one will host the SEA channel. In this article, I will try to speak about different factors that can impact the structure of your campaigns within your SEA account.

Factors that can impact your Adwords Account structure

  1. Your business
  2. Adwords campaign settings
  3. Level of detail that is relevant for your market
  4. Maintenance effort
  5. Your technical skills
  6. Your experiences with Adwords


Your business

Depending on what your company is doing, you might have to divide your campaigns by type of products or by city targeted for example to make it easy to navigate inside of your account. It is important to get a good picture of your business’ evolution in order to create a structure that could support adding additional services in the future.

Adwords Campaigns settings

There is a list of settings that are implemented at a campaign level (like target location, language spoken). You will have to create as many campaigns as different locations that you want to target for example. You could also want to spend different budgets in Hamburg than in Berlin for any reason. In all cases, you might have to create different campaigns if you want to use different values for the settings below.

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Spoken language
  • Ad scheduling

Level of detail that is relevant for your market

It will be important here to define the good level of detail that you think is relevant for your business. Should users in Munich be targeted differently than the one in Berlin? If yes, then you will have to create two different campaign with a specific location. If not, try to avoid to make too many campaigns.

The maintenance

Making many campaigns is really attractive, it will help you to control and manage effectively your advertising. But more you have campaigns duplicated, more you will have some work to do to maintain all the list of adgroup, keywords and ads.

Your technical skills

If you have some IT skills, or if your company can create some tools using the adwords API for example, you might be able to save time during the campaign creation and during the maintenance of your campaigns. It will allow you to manage complex structures with minimum effort. Unfortunately, without tools, you might have trouble keeping things consistent with a too complex structure and I would definitively recommend you to go for a more simple structure at the start.

Your experiences with Adwords

Depending on your knowledge and experiences with Adwords, you could start with a complex structure, and thanks to that, be able to monitor and optimize bids for example in specific locations at the cost of a lot of maintenance between all your campaigns. Some other people would rather start with a more simplistic approach and, later on, duplicate campaigns or divide them. At some point, you have to find what suits the best for your company.


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