How to improve the performance of online marketing campaigns?

What strategy should I use to improve Marketing Campaigns?

In order to improve the performance of your online campaigns, you should follow a strategy. The strategy that I recommend you to use is the following :

  1. Monitoring
  2. Analyzing
  3. Making hypothesis
  4. Testing
  5. Improving

SEM Increase performance


Optimizing the performance is important; but at the same time you can not afford to spend all your time and effort on daily optimizing your campaigns – and anyway, you might not have enough relevant data to do so.

You should instead pick a frequency and monitor of your data according to it. The frequency you chose can change over the time. For relatively new campaigns you can set a weekly check-up and for older campaigns, you could monitor them monthly.


There are many angles when it comes to analyzing campaigns. You should make sure that you always sort your data and focus on the campaigns/adgroup/Ads/Keywords that catch most of your traffic or that are responsible for most of your cost.

Making hypothesis

This step is crucial even if that few people are really aware of it. Jumping from Analyzing to Testing step is really temping, but taking the time to make hypothesis in order to explain why your campaigns are not successful might save you lot of time and energy. Think also about sharing your hypothesis with your colleagues.


Once you have some hypothesis, you can come with solutions. It is mandatory to test them. The most common way to test if your solution can be used for your whole campaign is to make A/B Testing with a part of your traffic.


While testing, if your results shows that you have a clear improvement you can use this solution and implement it on your accounts/campaigns. If the results shows that your performance become slightly better, it might worth more to test an other hypothesis.

Once you decided to implement the solution, you should be sure to monitor the performance and you can go back back to step one.



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