7 reasons why you should hire self-taught candidates in Online Marketing

Why should you hire self-taught candidates in Online Marketing?


7 reasons why hiring self taught marketing candidates

1- Self-taught candidates are proactive

During their learning process nobody forced them to study. Their motivation came from within. Their learning approach will not be lost once they start working in your company.

I learned a lot by myself before working in online marketing, once I was in a company, I kept learning as much alone to find answers in a proactive way. Self-taught candidates are not affraid to search for solutions about complex problems themselves.

2- Self-taught candidates are more up to date

I was really surprised to see that I knew things better that some people that had study marketing or that I knew more ways to optimize campaigns than employees that were already in the department.

Being self taught often means :

  • Studying with recent online courses
  • Learning about the last best practices
  • Searching for new trends

3- Self-taught candidates are more motivated

Believe it or not, but self-taught candidates are aware that if you employ them, you’re actually give them an unique chance to work in the field they have desired.

Their motivation is higher as they :

  •  Can finally get some experiences, whereas everything was still theoritical before.
  • Don’t want disapoint their employer that believed in them
  • Don’t want to loose this opportunity

4- Self-taught candidates often comes from a different background

This is something that has been such a key in the success of my intership. I had no proper experience in online marketing (even my intrest was high) but I had lot of experiences in computer science and in management.

Really fast, I could use my previsous experiences and competences in order to help my departement a lot. I created tools to automatise campaign creation for example and save lot of manual work.

After 3 months, I have been selected to manage the other interns and train them.

Coming from a different background is a plus and should not be under estimated.

5 – It shows who you are

It works both for the employer and the candidate:

The self-taught candidate shows that he is an actor of his life and takes action for what motivates him.

But, it also work for the employer : he shows some great values by hiring a self-taught candidate.

I prefer working for an employer that is open minded, smart and that understood what I can bring to the company rather than an employer that would be focused on the diploma only.

6 – Self-taught candidates are different

Self-taught candidate are not formatted, they are more fresh and they have the desire to understand how you are working and why it can differs from what they have learned.

Sometimes you will come with good explanations on the reason why you are working this way. But sometime you might find out that you are maybe not using things how they are supposed to or to their full potential. It’s good in a company to have a different vision.

7 – You are actually taking less risk to hire them

It can sound counter-intuitive, I know. But numbers speak for themselves.

In the department of SEA, I have worked with 7 other interns. Among us, 5 have had marketing education background and 3 had not (I was one of them – but I was the only one that was self-taught in online marketing) :

In the end of their internship :

  • 2 interns don’t work in Online marketing at all anymore
  • 3 interns were not interested in the SEA channel
  • 1 intern now works in SEO
  • only 2 want to keep working in SEA (I’m on of them)

As a results :

  • 1 on 7 interns (non self-taught) still likes to work in SEA
  • 1 on 1 self-taught intern still likes to work in SEA

What conclusions can we take :

No matter if you studied marketing or not, online marketing is so specific that you will not know if you like it until you experienced it. Many candidates came with an unclear idea about online marketing and no idea about the differences between the channels.

With a self taught candidate, you increase your chance to hire somebody that want to stay in your department because he has already decided to keep studying that field and has already found out that he liked it.



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