What is GSP in Online Marketing?

What does GSP mean?

GSP stands for Gmail Sponsored Promotions. They can appear in your personal Gmail mailbox. From a technical point of view, these ads are composed of 2 elements: a teaser and the main ad.

What is a teaser in GSP?

You will find below an example.

GSP example

As you can see, the teaser is located in the Promotion tab. The teaser is situated at the top of the emails and can contain only 25 characters for the headline and 100 characters for the description.

An additional picture can be display as well as the name of the company.

Here the logo of the company has been inserted.

GSP teaser

What ads can be displayed in GSP?

Once the user clicks on the teaser, the main ad is displayed (also called expanded ad). The expanded ad can be a picture, an embedded video, a form, a text or even a click to call phone number.

GSP expanded Ad


What should I know before starting GSP campaigns?

  • GSP campaigns are CPC campaigns. The ad cost is based on clicks on the teaser only.
  • To set up a GSP campaign you will need to call a Google rep and ask for the activation
  • Analyzes that I run, shows that ads with a picture of the product proposed in the teaser  perform better than pictures of the logo of the company
  • GSP targeting works just like Google Display Network.

What settings should be used for GSP?

To set up the settings, go in the “Display Network” tab and click on “+Targeting”. You can select some targeting options as well as targeting exclusions.

You will find below some recommendations for your settings.

GSP settings

How to create ads for GPS?

To create GSP Ads, go in the “Ads” tab and click on “+AD”. You can select then Ad gallery and select Gmail ads.GSP ad

GSP ad

You can choose between 4 templates depending on your desire for the expanded ad:

  • Gmail image template

  • Gmail single promotion template

  • Gmail multi-product template

  • Gmail custom HTML upload


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