How to Optimize SEA Campaign thanks to RSLA?

What is RLSA ?

RLSA stands for Remarketing lists for Search ads. It allows to manages Ads not only with Keywords but also with list of users that have previously visited your website.

A short example

A user click on one of your ads and arrives on your website. He spends 4 seconds on your page and decide to go back on Google research.

A second user, this time click on your ads and spend 15 minutes on your website, he even added an item in his card. But don’t end up buying the product.

With RSLA, you will be able to target the second user for his next research since he looks like he really was interested in one of your product, and at the same time you can, if you want exclude the 1st visitor.

What are the strength of RLSA ?

It allows to bid on keywords that you usually don’t bid for people that have recently visited your site.

It also permit to optimize bids for your exiting keywords. For example, you can increase your bid by 25% for those who previously viewed your website in the last 30days.

It also allows to exclude specific visitors from your targeting.


Why excluding from the targeting someone that have visited our site ?

The ideal usage of RLSA is to manage to target potential customers but giving them a personalized ads the next time they make a research (with advertising for a discount for example), but at the same time avoid loosing money on users that end up never buying on your website or users showing a high percentage of bounce rate


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